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Publish Date: 15:17 - 04 September 2013
Tehran, YJC. Salami has said that once the US intervenes in Syrian affairs there will be no guarantee that their own national security will not be affected.

Brigadier General Hossein Salami speaking the conference "Syria, the Resistance Trench” on Tuesday said "What we see today is the accumulation of defeats suffered by the US and its Western as well as regional allies in applying its strategies of the past 3 decades. Naturally, there are four major issues about the region called the Middle East, or in other words the Islamic World, yet in another more precise language Western Asia.”

The IRGC second in command added "These four key concepts make up the skeleton of US approaches to the region. America’s strategic failures in terms of these four concepts are the factor behind changes in the country’s policies in different parts of the Middle East and the Islamic world.”

"The region’s advantages and its geopolitical position, as well as oil and a culture rich with Islam, a region in which the forged Zionist regime has been completely digested, have given Americans the idea that their gravity point of vital interests must lie in the region for long decades,” Salami asserted.

He added that as in the past decades, all US attempt to achieve its strategic plans for the region have failed, the country has directed its attention to the heart of the Islamic resistance, Syria.

Providing comments on America’s affliction in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as the diminishing security of Israel, salami stated "Our experience of the past three decades shows that the intervention of ultra-regional forces in the region is never limited to a certain time. If some power talks of limited war it has made its biggest historic mistake. The world and the Middle East are a world of fluid, indescribable political concepts and dominos.”

He pointed out that crisis is highly expansive in the ME region and that it is like a quagmire where the more the captive twists, the more he will submerge.

He maintained "The outlook on resistance with Syria is quite clear. So we suggest to the strategic decision makers and the directors of US national security and other states which decided to help them in the probable future attack that this is a very dangerous game where emotional dealings with the new atmosphere will cost the Zionist regime and the US hugely.”

"They must not thing that Syria is alone in the world,” Salami asserted "this is also another wrong conceptualization by the West.”

The IRGC deputy commander added "The US would better think about the results of such decision within the two-week time it has given itself. They must know that a war will unleash energies and heighten the crusade morale within Muslims; and that war has never benefited the West.”

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