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Publish Date: 14:16 - 12 September 2013
Tehran, YJC. Foreign Minister has said that solving the nuclear issue requires changing approaches.

In an interview with PressTV on Wednesday evening, Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs provided comments on national and regional issues.

The Syrian crisis, Iran-5+1 talks, and a host of other concerns were addressed by Mohammadjavad Zarif.

Calling Iran a victim of chemical attacks, Zarif said "Iran condemns using nuclear weapons regardless of who the attackers and the victims are.”

"We believe,” he added "that no one is entitled to execute the law on his own will. The US has no right to act as the attorney general, the judge, and the official in charge to enact the law, especially with regard to the country’s record in supporting Saddam’s regime who not only used chemical weapons against Iranian soldiers and civilians, but against his own people in Halapcheh.”

He also pointed to the nuclear talks and, calling the transfer of the nuclear case from the Majlis to the Foreign Ministry a wise act, said "We believe that the talks are not unlimited. In themselves, negotiations are not an end. They must belong to a time limit, be result-based, goodwill-based, and with respect to the negotiating sides.”

He added "We must share two goals side by side, rather than letting Iran have its own goal and the Six Powers their own. The two sides must work together and for one goal. The first goal is that the Iranian nuclear program must remain peaceful. It seems that the other side has also mentioned the same as their goal.”

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