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Publish Date: 11:04 - 16 September 2013
Tehran, YJC. Islamic Coalition member says that the US intends by accepting the Russian plan to disturb the Syria-Israel balance.

Deputy Chairman of the Islamic Coalition Party in International Affairs said "We had the experience of American actions in attacking Iraq. There is the possibility that by accepting the Russian initiative, the US follows two political goals. The first is that attacking Syria under prevalent circumstances, that is, vast public opposition as well as EU members, the US Congress, and the Security Council would have been a rash job, from which the US needed a way to escape. The US is thinking that by accepting the Russian initiative, it can both manipulate the UN report and prepare the ground to condemn Syria in the public mind.”

Hamidreza Taraqi added "The second point is that by doing so, the US will be able to accomplish the chemical disarmament of Syria and change the power equilibrium in favor of Israel, which can be a kind of political game and needs much attention.”

"Of course as the Syrian Foreign Minister said the reason to accept the Russian initiative is that Syria has found access to military facilities, which has reinforced it over the terrorists. By doing so, the US is likely to change the power balance against Syria,” he asserted.

Taraqi also expressed worries that there is the possibility for the US to manipulate the UN report, calling for special attention accordingly.

He also added that if the attack is cancelled, Bashar Assad would be able to take the opportunity and perform a strong action against the terrorists.

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