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Publish Date: 14:18 - 21 September 2013
Tehran, YJC. Supreme Leader’s military consultant says that Iran’s military forces are one of the most powerful in western Asia, and that the US know how vulnerable they are.

Major General Rahim Safari, high consultant to the Supreme Leader in military affairs in a speech before the Friday sermon said
 "The US spent much on Iraq and Afghanistan, now they have left Iraq and do not have the power to stay in Afghanistan. Currently the Islamic republic in Afghanistan and the constitution are in agreement with Islam, whereas Americans were looking for a way to introduce the secular law there. It is the same with Iraq. Now a Shiite state rules there which is friends with Iran.”

Rahim Safavi said "The headbands which are Basij would wear have now turned into the Islamic defense of Palestine. The morale have now reached Lebanon.”

He pointed to developments in Syria and said "The reality is that the US has been defeated in Syria and most important of all is that the wise leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei is conspicuous in Iran’s status. With God’s regards Iran as the regional power and a state risen from the will of the nation is after peace which is based on justice in regional and global scales.”

He added "The message of Iran is respect for the territorial integrity of countries. Of course, we would like to recommend to some to end their enmity with Iran. Iran is a powerful country and no one has the power to oppose it. We say that being friends with Iran is better than being friends with the Zionist regime and the US.”

Safavi asserted that Iran will not be the beginner in any war and said "We are one of the regional superpowers and the US well knows Iran’s power and it must avoid trespassing. Eight years of war was a great lesson to Iran’s enemies and the US know how vulnerable they are. Iran’s armed forces are one of the most powerful in Western Asia.”

"IRGC armed forces are powerful and defend the Iranian revolution and our young are successful in all scientific areas and the sanctions cannot hinder the progress of Iran,” he said .

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