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Publish Date: 14:03 - 22 September 2013
Tehran, YJC. Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization in a talk show has said that the negotiating sides have come to the conclusion that further dragging the nuclear talks will benefit no one.

Aliakbar Salehi appeared in a talk show on channel 5 of the state TV to discuss different topics within his responsibility as the Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. The headlines of his statements follow:

- I will not accompany the president to New York. The Head of the Atomic Energy Organization visits New York only for NPT sessions which are held every five years.

- The Atomic Energy Organization is a technical, expert organization, then at another level a legal organization, and lastly a political one. The latter is adopted by the Foreign Ministry.

- Mr. Soltaniyeh was Iran’s representative for 7.5 years. According to the law he must not have exceeded 6 or 6.5 years, but with special permissions from the Leader he was at the position for 7.5 years.

- During the trip to Vienna I noticed that the international vibe in interacting with Iran has changed, especially with regard to those who used always to stand against us.

- Mr. Najafi was appointed as Iran’s representative to the Agency 3 years ago during the Ahmadinejad administration.

- In the coming months we are sure to see some considerable change in regard to the Iranian nuclear case.

- The sides have reached the conclusion that time has arrived to make the way out of the case and that dragging it any further will benefit no one.

- We had so far not said outright that we were ready to meet the other side’s concerns, but we have said so now. But we would also expect them to meet our rights.

- Compared to the past, there is more integrity on the nuclear case among the President, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization, the Foreign Minister, the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, and others.

- We cannot depreciate our rights. Enriching uranium is our natural right, though we have announced that to meet the concerns, we are ready under special circumstances to ignore some of the rights.

- We have said to the other side that we are ready to give the Leader’s fatwa on nuclear weapons a legal aspect so that it will be obligatory to the Iranian government.

- On September 27, a meeting will be held between representatives from Iran and the Agency taking on previous sessions. Mr. Najafi has been made responsible for the meeting.

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