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Publish Date: 12:21 - 24 September 2013
Tehran, YJC. Egypt Head of Interests Section in Tehran has said that his country will never give its soil to Palestine or Hamas.

The Head of the Egypt Interests Section in Tehran Khaled Emara providing comments on reports regarding agreements between Hamas and Morsi to give some parts of the Sinai desert to the latter said "At the time of Hosni Mubarak there was the Israeli scheme on this, which we regard as invalid, since the Morsi government will not allow anyone to have a greedy eye for an inch of the Egyptian soil or its security.”

He pointed out "Israel intends to finish the Palestinian issue to the detriment of Egypt and Jordan, but we are totally against that. If Palestinian authorities have made statements on that, it has to do entirely with them, but if there is reality to it, it is a crime and must be pursued.”

Emara also pointed to relations between Tehran and Cairo, saying "Some believe that part of Iran’s policy will influence the national security of the Arab in the Persian Gulf region and elsewhere in the Arab world. Also there are some who talk of the dissemination of Shiism in some parts of the Arab countries. Anyway, the new president of Iran Mr. Rouhani has talked of the improvement of relations, resolving problems and hindrances, and taking importance steps in regard to Egypt and Saudi Arabia. We hope that the statements turn into reality, since it will lay the ground for stronger bonds between Iran and Egypt.”

"Egypt is the largest Arab country and responsible for Arab national security. Also in the course of history, it has been responsible for national security in the Islamic world. Thus, we would rather like relations based on the feelings of some Arab states, because there is a sense of insecurity and discontent with some policies and statements and positions adopted by Iran, which may not be a threat to anyone, but the sense of threat is discerned of them.”

"We see that the Iranian side has taken measures to improve relations, to which we encourage the country,” Emara stated.

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