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Publish Date: 14:57 - 26 September 2013
Tehran, YJC. Foreign Minister says that meeting with the US is neither a goal nor a forbidden zone.

Foreign Minister Mohammadjavad Zarif appeared on special news interview on channel 2 of the national TV on Wednesday to discuss his recent meetings in the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Providing comments on Iran’s future meetings with the 5+1 group at the level of foreign ministries, Zarif said "The session tomorrow is a content-laden meeting at the level of foreign ministers and it goes to show the political will. We hope that in a short while we can reach a comprehensive strategy to pursue the future steps as will be agreed on.”

"If the 5+1 members are as ready to enter the negotiations with such intentions tomorrow’s session will be a start and an indication of a political will,” Zarif pointed out.

He also pointed to agreements to hold the next round of talks with the Six Powers in mid October in Geneva and said that consultations are underway to arrange the next meeting.

He also pointed to the empty seats of Israeli representatives at the UN General Assembly during Rouhani's speech and said "They knew that others would not accompany them in leaving the session and that they could not resort to propagandist shows of innocence to attract the West’s support for their crimes. That’s why they decided to be absent from the beginning of the session, because they knew that their every-year show of leaving the court would not be repeated.”

Referring to extremist groups’ access to mass destruction weapons, the Foreign Minister regarded such weapons dangerous in the hands of Takfiri groups in Syria and stressed the need to disarm terrorist groups.

Pointing to the hypothetic meeting of the presidents of Iran and the US, Zarif said "The important issue is the political will to reach a solution for problems. We have always said that the matter of meeting is neither a goal nor a forbidden zone.”

"If the necessary preparations have been made, such a meeting could have turned into a starting point,” he maintained.

Zarif added "The president did not have any problem with the meeting itself and he has always said that he will pursue within his authority what is in line with national interests and the advancement of the ideals of the Islamic Republic.”

"The meeting itself was not as important as the results would have been. We are not here for theatricalities. We care rather to pursue people’s interests,” he asserted.

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