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Publish Date: 15:26 - 28 September 2013
Tehran, YJC. Ali Larijani says that the US still try to make a reckoning with Iran even after Iranian official’s visit of New York.
Speaking in a meeting on Friday evening, Ali Larijani made an analogy between the present state of affairs between Iran and the US with the times of Iran-Iraq war and said "There are motives for confrontations with Iran. Americans still have the motive to make reckonings with Iran. Obama says they are not intending to overthrow. In fact they cannot do that, otherwise they would like to.”

He added "The regional countries which during the war stood by Saddam still have wrong worries. There have been very important changes. Iraq has completely changed for example and is now our neighbor and friend. One of the results of the resistance was that the fate of Muslims in the region changed. Turkey is a country whose leaders are friends with us. Although there are disagreements on certain occasions, they are cooperative on many other occasions.”

"Our relations with Russia have changed and some regional countries have gained experience from the past and changed their stances. The countries which have undergone revolutions have also changed,” he maintained.

Larijani pointed out that the Takfiri current is an unwholesome plague for Muslims and said "They are a great threat not only to the Shiite, but to the rest of Muslims, because they recognize only themselves. The Takfiri are curious creatures, the same countries that helped Saddam with $40 billion are now helping these radical creatures.”

"Under what they say in regard to Iran, US officials still reveal their hard feelings. In the past few days their tone has changed, but what is important to us is their deed. We have no need for words, we look at deeds,” the Majlis Speaker said.

He asserted "If they believe that time has come to raise the nuclear issue, Iran’s attempts are also to solve it. They must not be overdemanding and think that Iran has grown weary. We are not tired, but stand dignified. There is but one way, they must abandon their threatening language so that we may come to agreement.”

He further asserted "They say that war is on the table. In fact they must not boast war with Iranians. We say do not kid Iran like that because no one is afraid of your show-offs. Solve the issue with diplomatic language, behave square and talk the same at meetings as you do at tribunes. It is not right when you say at tribunes that you defend Iran’s rights, and then in private meetings you say that if Iran acquires this ability the region’s balance will be disturbed.”

"This achievement comes through the morale for struggle and resistance and must be appreciated. The industrious morale must provide the ground for advance in all sectors. To be successful on the diplomatic arena we must be powerful economically,” Larijani stated.

He further said "Today the government must invest in boosting domestic production. I have said time after time that there were mistakes inside the country which have come to this. Imports from China and other countries have damaged production and there came unemployment which must be raised.”

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