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Publish Date: 14:41 - 30 September 2013
Tehran, YJC. Bahraini journalist and political activist says no political settlement is likely to force Saudi armed forces out of Bahrain, which is what the people of the country demand.

Ahmed Razi, Bahraini journalist and political activist, in interview with Fars said "If a political settlement is reached, all the damages done to political prisoners, those killed, or wounded, as well as their families must get atonements.”

He asserted "A political settlement will no doubt meet the interests of the House of Khalifa and foreigners rather than the religious and political demands of the protestors.”

Stressing the need to end sectarianism and to "try the Al-Khalifa-appointed criminals who have done much cruelty to the protestors since the beginning of the Bahraini revolution”, Razi called for the attendance of revolutionary forces, including the February 14 Coalition in whatever political procedures that might be taken, adding "If these forces do not attend the political settlement, the procedures are going to be sterile and ill-fated.”

Razi further said "As long as the US and Saudi Arabia have a hand in a solution to the problems of Bahrain, people’s independent will, the right to civil defense and resistance, and the Bahraini’s revolution will be overlooked.”

"The Bahraini revolution is the only one which has survived political reckonings, an ethical crisis in big countries. The ruling regime has missed its opportunity for Reform for having done many crimes, frequently violating human rights by destroying mosques, as well as the massacre, arrest, and torture of opposition members,” Razi pointed out.

He further added that the Bahraini nation recognizes a solution to their affairs free from US and UK intervention and said "The only guarantee to the victory of the Bahraini revolution and the gratification of its demands is the continuation of the peaceful civil resistance and the growth of public demonstrations as well as support for the young, revolutionary forces.”

Saudi military forces are dispatched to Bahrain to cope with the demonstrating public. The demonstrations had long since begun across Bahrain, specifically in the country’s capital, Manama.

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