Uncontrolled extremism to lead to assassination

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Publish Date: 12:01 - 01 October 2013
Tehran, YJC. Former president has broken out with an enormity of complaints from his days in office.

In a meeting with Iraq-Iraq war veterans on Monday, former president Mohammad Khatami pointed to accusations about his relations with foreign entities as attempts toward a color revolution, saying "I am much above many of those whom they say I have met. We must indulge to give these people time to meet and speak, but I did not give time for meeting. We didn’t talk either. They lie when they say such and such person has given out a prescription for Iran or has held talks with Khatami in order to come and implement them in Iran. They say I want to act someone’s prescription in Iran whom I neither have seen nor talked to. I have taken pains for this revolution. I am a clergyman. There is my record in the revolution. I want the Islamic Revolution to be an example where Muslim and non-Muslim could say ‘I can live here, work here, and thrive here.’ I want human rights, healthy relations with the world, development, and respectable, secure life in the country to be guaranteed.”

"One of the mottos of Mr. Rouhani and what has been worked on is the open atmosphere for criticism and freedom,” Khatami maintained, "Of course criticism is different from destruction. If destructive currents are not controlled, it will be the same as the Reform term when things first looked as they do now, but then ended in assassination attempts.”

Khatami further said that he considers the destructive actions as organized rather than spontaneous, adding "I do not defend Mr. Rouhani, but the rights, expediency, and security of the nation. These currents disturb the nation’s security. The performers are few in number but great in influence. […] We do not want them removed. We want their influence taken from them, their immunity taken from them so that they are forced to be sensible. They have tribunes and newspapers. They can go say what they want, provided that they do not poison the atmosphere, lie, or slander.”

He asserted "The existence of such Talibanic, harsh currents does not show freedom of expression or freedom of thought, but signifies destruction and disrespect for the public opinion, the Leader’s decisions, and the vibe that has come to our society. 

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