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Publish Date: 9:38 - 09 October 2013
Tehran, YJC. Syrian lawmaker says that his country’s deterrence does not diminish after its chemical weapons are taken away.
The Syrian lawmaker Ammar al-Assad in interview with Fars stated that the handover of chemical arms was proposed by Russia in order to save the international image of the US, adding "Even with nuclear weapons handed over, Damascus enjoys enough tools to defend itself.”

Stressing that in 2006 the Lebanese Hezbollah succeeded over its enemy with bare hands, al-Assad said "Nuclear weapons have grown old and lost their effect these days. This was one of the reasons why Damascus agreed to deliver its chemical weapons.”

The lawmaker maintained that chemical weapons are only the last attempt in military combats and asserted "Syria has not used chemical arms, because it enjoys a good status, thanks to the army for its advancements.”

Al-Assad further said "We have proposed the political approach, but some try to put a spoke in the wheel. We believe that the political approach is the proper way to rid Syria of the current crisis.”

"The West wants us to think it has made a victory, but that is not the case at all, because Syria’s chemical arms were only to deter the Israeli nuclear weapons. The case of the chemical weapons was overemphasized by the media and it has been misused,” he stated.

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