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Publish Date: 10:13 - 12 October 2013
Tehran, YJC. Friday preacher has called America the Great Satan which has grown bigger in mischief.

Then Tehran Friday preacher Ahamad Khatami on Friday referred to the US as the Great Satan, adding "Has the US grown into a smaller satan in the past 35 years or has it grown bigger in mischief? Conspiring against Iran, if the US used to be a snake so far, it has now grown into a python. The US is behind all the schemes that are directed at the Islamic Iran.”

He then pointed to the recent visit to New York by Iran’s president and Foreign Minister and said "That the Supreme Leader said some acts by the Iranian delegation to New York were not fit does not mean that we are not confident in our dear statesmen. We know the US to be untruthful, hypocritical, and treacherous.”

Ayatollah Khatami further asserted "The untruthful US president says they are not seeking to change Iran. You were seeking to do so for 35 years, but you were unable to. In the 09 sedition you supported the seditious and allocated all your media power to the seditious.”

He added "This is the basis for our hatred towards the US. If we try to write down the times when the US has been untruthful, we will end writing a pile of papers. This is the secret to the resonance of the ‘Down with USA’ motto.”

 "So we got logic, and we say based on this logic to the US and to those who wish people to abandon this motto that this motto is the key to the Iranian nation’s resistance; and that this glorious motto will live on as long as there is the US,” exclaimed Ahmad Khatami.

The ayatollah further added "Our diplomats must do their job. The Foreign Ministry must do its job. Everyone must do their job. On the contrary this motto supports our statesmen and they will be able to cope with and handle the US with more power; this is even better for our foreign policy.”

"Our hatred toward the US will not fade out even if one day, based on the guidelines of the Supreme Leader, in whose hand the US case is and will be, and who says the final world on this ground, things lead into negotiations with the US,” the preacher stressed.

He added "The slogan ‘Death to the anti-guardian jurist’ does not mean death to those who are against the guardian jurist at the theoretical level. Once the theocracy is established all must support it. The slogan means death to the subversive, it means death do those who try to overthrow the Islamic system.”

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Alfred Gerteiny
United States
06:03 - 1392/07/21
Why should we be concerned about what preachers in Iran say about us? Many preachers everywhere seem to be in the business of demonizing that which is different from what they stand for an believe in .
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