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Publish Date: 11:25 - 12 October 2013
Tehran, YJC. Prayers have shown their opposition to the US and all sorts of reconciliation toward the country by shouting anti-US phrases last Friday.

Mehr News Agency reports that a group belonging to students associations showed their opposition to conciliatory approaches to the US by shouting anti-US mottos in a demonstration that followed the Friday prayers.

Carrying placards, they shouted phrases in contempt of the US, Israel, and a number of other countries.

Their words also addressed Iranian sides, going "Conciliation with Satan; is treachery to Quran”, "Shame on you, compromiser; let go of revolution”, and "US, death to you, the blood of our youth drips off your claws.”

"The Committee for Protecting Iran’s Interests had previously called the nation to speak their opposition to all sorts of compromise and humiliation by taking part in the ‘Down with USA’ demonstrations,” the report goes.

 At the end of the demonstrations, an announcement was read as follows:

We, the Friday prayers of Tehran, strongly condemn recent US military threats and threats by the country’s president who once more talked of all options being on the table.

1.       Iran’s old response to military threats and cruel sanctions by the enemies of the nation is resistance and the humiliating slogan "Down with USA”

2.       Such behavior by the US once more proved that the Supreme Leader’s stress on lack of faith to the US is properly said; and that the statesmen must as well avoid optimism about the US and ignorance toward the country’s 60-years of hostility with Iran

3.       We, the Friday prayers, call this Friday the Friday of distrust in the US and as long as the Great Satan keeps on its hostility toward the Iranian nation, we will shout our anti-arrogance mottos louder and louder every Friday

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