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News ID: 2448
Publish Date: 13:20 - 22 October 2013
Tehran, YJC. Naqdi says finding European blood will be a hard job in 100 years.

Speaking in a conference on clothing code, Brigadier General Mohammadreza Naqdi provided comments on his reasons for opposing clothes with what he would call Western illustrations and said "Westerners have become bankrupt in all aspects of life. Their economy, culture, and ethics are undergoing complete decadence. The European race is going extinct. If you would want to find the European race 100 years hence you would have to dispatch an exploration team, because Europe’s population growth rate is negative.”

He claimed that his statements are based on official statistics, adding "The European race is going extinct like dinosaurs. That is because an obscene, down-to-earth culture has become prevalent among them. The other reason for their extinction is that they are becoming increasingly interested in homosexuality and in living with animals, thinking only of themselves.”

"Using Western signs on Iranian clothes is to boost the enemy’s morale,” Naqdi asserted, stating further "Since the first day we knew this bunch they have been busy with occupation and infringement.”

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