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Publish Date: 13:52 - 23 October 2013
Tehran, YJC. Human Rights Staff Secretary says Iran might find it necessary to enrich uranium as much as 40 percent for peaceful purposes.

The Secretary of the Human Rights Staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mohammadjavad Larijani who was speaking in a talk show on TV channel 2 pointed to the Iran-Six Majors talks and said "We may need to take the enrichment to 40 percent for peaceful nuclear applications.”

Further stating that Iran’s uranium enrichment within the NPT is not clearly defined, Larijani said "Today we may need 20-percent uranium for the Tehran reactor, but then in the future our needs for peaceful applications may change to 40 percent.”

"There is none cheekier than the US and its allies. None of our rights can be violated in the talks,” he asserted.

He added that Iran must follow higher levels of enrichment within the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Larijani exclaimed "Iran is a member of the NPT while the membership has brought only the downsides and no benefits. What goddamn treaty is this that has no benefit for our nation?”

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05:22 - 1392/10/05
"Iranian response has been to doulbe down on nuclear enrichment. So sanctions are not, thus far, achieving the desired end goal." Sort of surprised you say that, being an oil guy. Nuclear enrichmentis just a stick to beat them with not an end, I doubt the US thinks twice about Iran developing weapons grade uranium. Of course if you are suggesting that the US wishes to incite Iran to a hasty action, for instance like closing the Strait of Hormuz, I would go along with that. Then we can all sing with the , one more time, some lyrical changes but same old Zhit.
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