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Publish Date: 9:54 - 26 October 2013
Tehran, YJC. Lawmaker says Iran needs not attend the Geneva II meeting unless it is formally invited.

Mansour Haqiqatpour, member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Majlis said "There are codes how to invite Iran to the Geneva II meeting. They have to invite the Islamic Republic of Iran to attend the conference. They must spread the red carpet before our Foreign Minister. We do not need attend the Geneva II.”

Speaking with Mehr News Agency, he pointed to the US Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent statements about Iran’s attendance to the Geneva II meeting and said "John Kerry and the American political delegation were a total failure in Geneva I. In that meeting they made decisions which later on they couldn’t enact. It is also expected that they’ll be unsuccessful in the Geneva II meeting which is going to be held in November.”

Enumerating the reasons for the West’s failure to solve the Syrian crisis, Haqiqatpour said "They make decisions while they have not understood the reality there. Can the West overthrow a nation by arming and sending 30 to 40 thousand terrorists while the nation is alive and defends itself? Can a group overthrow a government while it is legitimate? These are the facts that the West has to know.”

The lawmaker added "What the West has done in the past two and a half years has never been successful. The West did not realize the matter in Geneva I. The Geneva II is to follow exactly the same. They cannot fell a standing nation.”

Pointing out the Western countries having said that the Geneva I meeting had been unsuccessful due to the absence of Iran, he stated "They themselves say they invite Iran. They must know that there are codes how to invite someone. They must ask the Islamic Republic of Iran and they must spread the red carpet before our Foreign Minister. We do not need attend the Geneva II.”

He asserted "The West must understand Iran’s weight in the region. It must understand that we are able to disturb unfair political equations in the area and help the right movements succeed. Such a weight cannot be threatened or conditioned.”

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