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Publish Date: 13:03 - 30 October 2013
Tehran, YJC. Mohammadali Ramin says the US is going down soon.

Mhammadali Ramin, former consultant to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the president of Iran in interview with Etemad said in answer to a question regarding his opinion about the US-Iran negotiations "I cannot speak about that. Not until the United States turn into independent states. That is when the United States of America become independent and the united states disintegrate to turn into a number of independent states which does not take long. At most we will be seeing that in a couple of years.”

Ramin, who is named as the original planner of the anti-US billboards published under the name of "American Trust”, said regarding the billboards "The production of these billboards, by whoever it might have been, was a smart idea in line with national interests and for defense of the Islamic dignity of the non-submitting Iranian. I appreciate the action because it was to the benefit of the Iranian negotiators. The printing and installation of these banners was the biggest service one could do for the Rouhani administration on negotiations with the US.”

Asked if the billboards have been rather a spoke in the wheel of the government while it settles for negotiations with the US, the Ahmadinejad consultant said "It is regrettable that information is taken as misbehavior, especially at a time when the US seeks to make its allies object to direct negotiations with Tehran.”

Follwoingly, Ramin pointed to the objections made by Saudi Arabia and Israel to Iran-US talks said "The US itself made Saudi Arabia and Israel take such a position. Someone who doesn’t know this knows nothing of politics. The US does so in order to get more advantage from Iran. The US and allies are seeking to get more advantage from Iran through talks.”

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