British Queen finds news of husband's death 'disgraceful'

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Publish Date: 23:15 - 22 July 2018
TEHRAN, July 22 -Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has found it absolutely disgraceful that rumors have been circulating online about the death of her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

British Queen finds news of husband's death 'disgraceful'TEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) -Reports in the local British media on Sunday suggested that the Queen had fumed about the news that Philip had died. She found out about the rumors after servants asked about her husband’s health and how he was.

The couple, who have been vacationing separately over the past few days, called each other to discuss how they could handle the issue, according to the reports.

The Queen is now on holiday in Balmoral. She is believed to be very distressed after hearing the fake news.

“The Queen is absolutely fuming over this and thinks it’s disgraceful,” a source said, adding “It’s not nice to hear people the world over commenting on your health or death, even if you’re used to being in the public eye.”

The couple are said to have held a tense phone conversation for about 10 minutes.‘They both agreed there was little they could do but they are very, very annoyed," a source told The Sun newspaper.

Philip, 97, who is now Sandringham, was trending on Twitter on Friday when people spoke about his death. He did not join the Queen on Holidays because he was recovering from a heap operation.

However, some have doubted the claims, saying there might be other reasons for Philip’s absence in Balmoral, including that he was really ill and could not accompany his wife during the holidays.

Rumors about the British royal family have been spreading over the past years, especially since the UK public has gained a clearer picture of their life. Polls have also suggested that the royal family have seen their popularity fall mainly because of their luxurious lifestyle.

Source: Press TV

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