American writers to discuss decline of empire

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Publish Date: 13:28 - 11 November 2013
Tehran, YJC. Talebzadeh says he is organizing a conference for American authors to discuss “the decline of the US empire.”

In interview with Nasim, Nader Talebzadeh said that he is organizing a conference called The Decline of the Empire, adding "We want to enlighten our fellow citizens on what has happened in regard to the decline of the empire. We will not, though, say anything about it, the decline of the empire will be discussed through the mouth of the guests.”

The filmmaker maintained that well-known intellectuals will attend the conference and added that their attendance is under discussion.

"Iran is under a heavy barrage and there the most mischief has been done to it. They very conspicuously talk of changing the regime. We want to say watch yourselves, the Qatari leader used to make plans about Syria but he himself was changed,” Talebzadeh exclaimed.

He added "We want to say don’t make plans for others. You do not understand what is happening beneath your feet. We must hear this from American writers. So, there will be a friendly gathering with 10 to 20 certain people in Iran. They say we will not reach anywhere with Iran. We want to say who you are, how long your empire is going to last. We will not say anything. Let writers say where you stand. All in all it is a conference on the decline of the empire.”

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