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Publish Date: 12:09 - 12 November 2013
Tehran, YJC. Iran’s Foreign Minister says the country’s case in the IAEA must turn into an ordinary one.

Foreign Minister Mohammadjavad Zarif appeared on IRIB channel 2 to discuss latest developments on Iran’s nuclear case. He pointed to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s statements in Abu Dhabi saying that Iran had been unable to accept the deal offered, stating "Diplomats sometimes make different statements for different groups to meet the concerns of the hosting group.”

"Of course it will damage their reputation as well as the trust one puts in them when diplomats do not adopt a constant policy. Negotiations are to resolve distrust and paradoxical statements which are in contrast to realities; since people have seen the reality in the news, the saw who was not all right. It will not build trust either for the person or for the talks to take a radical turn all of a sudden,” Zarif added.

He asserted "Statements which are in fact the temporary answers from a special group will neither change the realities nor help build trust.”

Zarif pointed out that nothing of the content of the Iran-Six Majors talks has been made public. He added that Iranian ambassadors are being commissioned to hold talks with regional leaders in order to remove their concerns about Iran-West developments.

He maintained that the ambassadors also hold talks with the Six Majors before the next round of Iran-5+1 negotiations next week.

He also stated that Iran’s cooperation with the IAEA and the recent agreement between the two are part of the solution to the Iran-Six Majors disputes.

The Foreign Minister then said "The entity which is internationally recognized for assessing the truth is the agency. The problems which have arisen about Iran’s nuclear program on the past talks as well as the ambiguities that exist must all be solved with the help of the agency. All these used to come from a single point once.”

"The cruel sway of the Security Council must end. Any solution will have to mean the end of the Security Council’s rule and the end of the sanctions. Iran’s case in the agency must turn into a regular one and the chaotic state of the past 10 years must come to an end,” Zarif asserted.

He further said "I also told Amano today that the agency has limited privileges. The agency is to help the safety and peacefulness of the nuclear technology, so rather than adopt an unnecessary task, the agency must take care of the core issues. In Africa the agency pursues the production of fresh water with nuclear energy in earnest. It can do a lot in Iran as well. The case must be closed as soon as possible and the agency must sit down to its own job.”

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Iran's nuclear activities have always been peaceful and enriching people's inalienable rights
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