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Publish Date: 12:43 - 13 November 2013
Tehran, YJC. Salehi says Iran will do all it can to eliminate all pretext on which its nuclear activities might be challenged.

Iran’s Head of Atomic Energy Organization Aliakbar Salehi appeared in a talk show on the state TV on Tuesday evening to discuss the latest developments on the country’s nuclear case.

Salehi pointed to Iran’s challenges in its nuclear activities and said "Since 2002 we have been haunted by this ill-forged case.”

Maintaining that Iran is sure about its nuclear activities he said "Despite 10 rounds of expert sessions we could not reach a common conclusion. Yesterday a statement was signed by Iran and the IAEA which shows goodwill from both sides to progress and solve the problem.”

He pointed out that the IAEA has asked Iran to clarify its activities regarding the Arak heavy water, Gachin mine, new reactors, sites considered for the construction of new power plants, and activities involving the laser technology.

The Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization stated that the country will discuss next steps with the IAEA during the 3 months to come.

He pointed out that the agency is the only lawful international organization with the authority to inspect countries’ nuclear activities.

Pointing to the Iran-Six Majors talks he said "The 5+1 is a political formation whereas our negotiations with the agency are technical and legal. The two, however, do influence each other. If we come to terms with the agency, our talks with the 5+1 will also be effective.”

Salehi expressed assurance that the nuclear case will be solved, adding "Meanwhile there are some parties abroad who are mad at that. We hope they gain their senses back.”

He further pointed to Israel’s political activities around the Iranian nuclear case and said "This regime made France adopt an unwise stance, which it had to justify afterwards.”

He provided comments on Iran’s future programs in nuclear energy and said "Following orders from president Rouhani we are holding talks with Russia to build new power plants. The Russian said they were ready to build up to 4 thousand MW nuclear power plants. We are positive that in the early 1393 [next Iranian year starting May 20] we will be able to lay the brick for our second power plant, which will come with a water freshening system.”

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