West misplays nuclear talks with excessive demand

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Publish Date: 12:42 - 23 November 2013
Tehran, YJC. Lawmaker has said he “recommend[s] Western nuclear negotiators to stop pertinacity.”

Deputy Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Majlis Mansour Haqiqatpour in interview with Tasnim said "We recognize the domestic enrichment of uranium as our nonnegotiable right and we will not back away from it.”

He asserted that the enrichment is Iran’s red line and said that Iran has and will stress its right to it.

The lawmaker asserted that the operation of Fordo, Natanz, and Arak heavy water facilities are considered as red lines by the Islamic Republic of Iran and pointed out "Our nuclear activities follow the NPT always. We have also frequently expressed readiness for the IAEA’s oversight on our nuclear activities, even more than our commitments.”

He also pointed to the unfavorable progress of the nuclear talks and said "The Westerners, and especially Americans, are helpless in accepting Iran’s legal right to gaining the nuclear technology. That’s why they want to spoil the game in their own favor by excessive demands.”

Haqiqatpour asserted that the reason why the nuclear talks are inconclusive is excessive demands by the West and added "As the IAEA has frequently announced, Iran’s nuclear program has never gone out of the peaceful path. So Westerners via their excessive demands try to give a false image of the right and deprive the people of Iran of their legal right. But they have to know that the path is not reversible and the Iranian nation stresses its nuclear right and stands by it.”

"I recommend the ones negotiating Iran in the nuclear talks to stop pertinacity and excess; and to know that the talks are on thank to Iran’s request, and that they will be over whenever we decide, and that the Iranian nation’s path to development is not reversible,” the lawmaker said. 

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