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Publish Date: 9:36 - 24 November 2013
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is sure the agreements reached in Geneva between Iran and the Sextet remove the risks related to proliferation of the mass destruction weapons in the Iranian nuclear programme.
"We are removing substantially the risks, removing the questions, which may countries had regarding whether there were risks of proliferation of the mass destruction weapons in the Iranian nuclear programme," he said.
"We shall improve greatly the trust over implementation of the agreement, the trust, which we used to lack so often, which raised excessive additional problems in the region, in the Middle East, in the Persian Gulf area."
"We believe, this step will favour additional preconditions for approaching the goal, which the international community outlined in 2010 - it is organisation of a conference on organisation in the Middle East of a zone free from mass destruction weapons," Lavrov said.
"All the factors are to the benefit, nobody has lost, everyone is a winner," the foreign minister said. "I also hope besides the many listed factors the agreement will favour also the efforts to settle the Syrian problem, to involve Iran in a productive work with all of us to have Geneva-2."


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