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Publish Date: 8:40 - 25 November 2013
Peskov tells about working with Putin: tough to dispute as he is strong in arguments.
Russia's President Vladimir Putin is always prepared to hear his staff's views, though if not satisfied with their work, will criticise toughly. Besides, as a rule, he is very strong
in arguments, presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said in an interview with The New Times magazine.
Peskov, who has been working at the presidential administration since Putin's first term as president, and since 2008  as his press secretary, says the president is not always happy about himself: "This happens; on such occasions he criticises, and when he does so he is tough."
It is possible at the administration to defend a point of view, he said, however only before a final decision is in place. "As we are working on whatever decision, everyone is free to express views; this is a normal way of things," he said. The press secretary mentioned as an example a discussion of a bill presented to the State Duma, which returns to the investigation the right to open cases on tax crimes. "At that time contra
were first of all Aleksey Ulukayev /Minister of Economic Development/, followed by the prime minister /Dmitry Medvedev/," he said. "Vladimir Putin's reaction was tough."
"The thing is - while working on a decision, arguments or alterations are welcomed, but as a decision is made, officials should not argue it publicly," Peskov said. "This is not correct, this is not a practice."
At the same time, Peskov said the president was always open to hear an
"Everybody working with him may express own point of view, he will listen always; he says: "Explain to me. Please, I am ready."," the press secretary said. "But it is complicated to argue with him, as he is always very strong in his reasons; in the long run you realise he knows more on the topic, than you."

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