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Publish Date: 15:11 - 25 November 2013
Tehran, YJC. Polls say that after 100 days in office, Rouhani has not been able to set the country’s economic inflation right.

When rose to power, Rouhani vowed to have solved part of people’s economic problems by the 100th day of his administrative term.

IRNA has conveyed a public opinion poll of the 11th administration performance in its first 100 days.

The poll says that 60.2 percent of the people of Tehran believe that so far the government has appeared unsuccessful in controlling liquidity.

80.2 percent have maintained that Rouhani has not acted successfully in coping with unemployment.

40.5 percent of the survey takers have said that the Central Bank has not managed to gain independence, many believing it will not do in the future either.

The polls have also addressed the status of Irano-phobia. Many who are surveyed, 72.7 percent, believe that the Rouhani administration has contributed much to Irano-philia.

Also, 78.8 percent have asserted that the Rouhani administration has been successful in foreign policy.

51.1 percent believe that the government has acted successfully in improving relations with the US and other Western countries, 40.1 emphasizing the government’s efforts in eliminating sanctions.

In terms of the Rouhani administrations friendly relations with regional states, 48.4 of the survey group have voted "very much” and "much” successful.

44.4 percent have said that the government has kept to its word to some extent, while 19.2 percent have regarded such success as week and 18.5 percent as strong.

Those aged under 25 have the strongest faith in the abilities of the 11th administration, 29.7 having said that it can be "highly” or "pretty highly” successful in keeping its word.

The more the age of the individual surveyed, the more conservative their opinions has grown, so much so that those aged above 55 have deemed such an ability at "very unlikely” and those aged 45-55 at "unlikely”.

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