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Publish Date: 10:03 - 26 November 2013
Tehran, YJC. Foreign Minister says in the past ten years, the West has dealt with Iran with intimidation, imposition, and sanctions.

Speaking at Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization on the occasion of the Basij Week, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammadjavad Zarif said "After the downfall of the bipolar structure, no alternative has come to exist. That has made international competition easier, and at the same time more dreadful.”

"Most countries could not be influential on the international stage. But as the bipolar system fell, countries previously ridden to the margins found the occasion favorable for some showoff. In the meantime, the powerful countries, now having lost previous control, started to worry,” the Foreign Minister further said.

He added "For the new talk it heralded, the Islamic Republic of Iran was able to establish some authority based on local-religious views, because we are the first governance to have refuted the Western liberal and the Eastern suppression and domination models.”

Zarif asserted "The presence and persistence of the people emboldened their representatives before the world’s greatest powers, which enjoyed nuclear weapons as well, expressing Iran’s peaceful viewpoint and coming through successfully despite all the pressure.”

"The Americans intend to, as they use to say, give the news a twist, saying there is no mention of the right to nuclear energy in the NPT. But I say in answer is there any mention of the right to build reactors and other nuclear facilities in the NPT?” the Minister of Foreign Affairs exclaimed.

He added "What is there in the NPT and what it recognizes is the right to enjoy the nuclear energy for peaceful applications.”

"If advocacy groups manage in the mean time to impose their demands, then there will be way to back down from the agreement as well,” he asserted.

Zarif then pointed to concerns expressed by neighbor countries and said "To prove to our neighbors that they need not worry about Iran’s greatness, we are willing to take trust-building actions.”

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