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Publish Date: 11:07 - 10 December 2013
Tehran, YJC. Felting is an old craft which has been practice in Iran from very old times.

Felt is a traditionally produced fabric in the mountainous arias of Iran. Products such as ground cloth and saddle cloth found in ancient crypts in the Iranian Plateau date the felting craft to the first millennium B.C.

From the characteristic features of felt, such as its heat and moisture isolating abilities, one can surmised that the artifact has to have been made by inhabitants of places where cold and humidity have most threatened their lives. Therefore, the mountainous areas of Alborz and Zagros and other such places across the Iranian Plateau must have been the hubs for the production of felt handicraft.

There are two aspects to a traditional felt handicraft. The first one, which arises from the intrinsic characteristics of the material, is the service it can provide in terms of protection against cold, moisture, cold weapon blows, etc.

The other aspect is what the creative, artistic mind of man works into the craft in order to make it not a thing merely of physical use, but also of aesthetic value.

The pretty simple procedure through which felt is made, the simple tools used for doing so, and the abundance of material that goes into it all indicate the early age since when felt could have been manufactured.

Besides being a good isolator for humidity and heat, felt is also notable for its strength. The canine tooth and feliformia claw cannot tear into it. The makers say when wet, felt cannot be cut even with a sword. They say it even resists bullets.

Felt can be easily recycled. When a felt artifact wears away or falls out of form, the material can be easily turned into something new with a new function.

The texture is beautiful, feels good, and can be worked into dainty pieces of clothing alongside other material.

Easy to make, it is highly profitable to the manufacturer and affordable for the costumer.

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