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Publish Date: 13:53 - 10 December 2013
Tehran, YJC. Lawmaker Ali Motahari has discussed a range of issues in a question-and-answer session.

Fars news agency reports that Ali Motahari attended a question and answer session held on the occasion of Students Day on Monday evening in the Medical School of the University of Mazandaran.

The West has come to understand that there is no return for us in the nuclear program.

Admitting that there is justified criticism to be directed at Ahmadinejad for his "financial disorderliness”, he said "but his performance regarding the nuclear program is worthy of appreciation. Ahmadinejad’s determination on the nuclear case was decisive for the country.”

"Our position is so much different from the initial years of the revolution. The West have come to understand that Iran is a key factor in the Middle East, and that to secure the state of Iraq, Syria, and Bahrain, Iran is highly needed for,” the lawmaker asserted.

Further pointing to the state of affairs between Iran and the US he said "Our relations with the US were disrupted following the siege of the US spy den. The action itself was a positive one. The US cut its relations with us, but for the situation to prolong was, I think, not a good thing.”

He added "Americans made much use of the disrupted relations in terms of publicity. They introduced our revolution as harsh and created a picture of us before other countries that resembled the Al-Qaeda.”

 Palestinian issue is our principles

Motahari maintained that Iran will not let go of its principles in negotiations with the US, the principles including the Palestinian issue and the nuclear case.

"Nothing has been made final in the nuclear talks. What has been mentioned is only a statement and is not yet turned into law,” he pointed out.

The lawmaker also pointed to recent statements about the US Army by Iran’s Foreign Minister, saying "Our Foreign Minister magnified too much the military might of the US and his statements were followed by objections by Majlis representatives.”

He also addressed what Zarif has recently mentioned about the Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf being negotiable and said "Zarif might have got warmed up there and said something, but the lawmakers are required to ask questions.”

Pointing to president Rouhani's 100-day report, Motahari said "The government’s report was in general positive. He must have explained the existing circumstances which he was given. In foreign policy and culture Rouhani presented good explanations.”

He further pointed to the eavesdropping case at his office and said "The entire lawmakers’ cell phones are heard. The offices of Majlis representatives are frequented by many political figures and there are a lot of them coming to my office. There are families from Gonabad Dervishes visiting me at my office and the families of the ones politically involved in the 2009 events. Such visits made some sensitive to my office.”

"Whoever it was that bugged my office was doing so for the second time,” he further explained, adding "they did not succeed the first time thanks to my nimble director. They had even threatened my director. Their footprints were found for the second time at my office. We were to find the bug inside the air-conditioning vent. The Intelligence Minister gave me their names,” he maintained.

Motahari demanded for all who contributed to the 2009 disturbances, including ex-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to be simultaneously prosecuted.

Addressing talks about unblocking Facebook he said "To unblock Facebook, the good and bad sides must be evaluated. If it is to be unblocked, we must have tools to cope with criminal acts that happen on Facebook.”

Regarding international sanctions against Iran Motahari said "These sanctions were brought on due to improper, and sometimes stubborn, language.”

He added "Our case was taken obstinately of the IAEA to the Security Council. Our way of dealing with the conveyance of the case from the IAEA to the Security Council was very decisive. If we have had a proper reaction, there would have been no need for many of the sanctions and things could have got resolved with negotiations.”

"In resolving the nuclear case we are at no crossroads, but are able to pass the sanctions by and not lose Islam,” he asserted.

"We must not lose the resistance morale. Our problem with the West is not the nuclear case. The West’s problem with us is the Palestinian issue. If we are indifferent to Palestine, the enemy will not be much opposed to us turning nuclear,” Motahari further said.

He also addressed talks about abandoning the "Down with USA” slogan, saying "Leaving or keeping the ‘Down with USA’ motto is better be left to people. We cannot order people to shout against the US. Let them see the behavior of the US and decide for themselves.”

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