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Publish Date: 15:34 - 11 December 2013
Tehran, YJC. Political analyst says the Iranian president does not consider Iran endowed with the duty to fight the US and wipe out Israel.

Political analyst and academic Sadeq Zibakalam who was speaking in a news conference in Khalij Fars weekly headquarters in Bushehr said "After the heavy defeat on the June 14 election when they got that dizzying shock, the Principalists are now gradually rising up and starting to make opposition and to show resistance.”

"Their econo-political interests have them stand up and put a spoke the government’s wheel.”

"Some of the radical Principalists' opposition comes from their beliefs. They believe that the Islamic republic has a historical mission to fight arrogance and the capitalist establishment and Israel. It is natural for them to take an oppositional stance whenever a group is going to hinder their progress toward their ideals,” he maintained.

Zibakalam added "These folks believe that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the harbinger for fighting injustice and arrogance. If they feel that the policies of someone like Hashemi would lower their flag in fighting hedonism and the monopoly establishment; or of they feel that Hashemi does not believe in such a combat, they will naturally act against it. We call this group the honest Principalists.”

He then pointed out "There is the second group which finds its econo-political interests, security, and position at stake. They do not want to lose their position, so they set for opposition.”

"Rouhani's main problem has to do with the second group. The first group are idealists and want power in order to reach their goals. They can be talked into agreement. It is true that they call us names, but we are not the slaves of the US or the hirelings of the UK or Zionism,” he emphasized.

He further pointed out "Rouhani does not believe in a historical mission to fight the US, Israel, or arrogance. He does not basically believe that the Islamic Republic of Iran has a historical mission to fight the US, to fight arrogance, or to fight the monopoly system and wipe out Israel. Mr. Rouhani believes in none of those things; nor do Messrs. Hashemi, Nateq, Khatami, or Seyyed Hassan Khomeini; nor do 90 percent of the people of Iran.”

"Rouhani does not want to enter a full-blown battle with Principalists,” Zibakalam asserted.

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