eliminate Syrian chem wpns aboard an American vessel is "quite feasible": Russia

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Publish Date: 8:50 - 18 December 2013
Decision to eliminate Syrian chem wpns aboard an American vessel is "quite feasible"--RF Dpty Permanent Representative at OPCW.
Plans to eliminate Syrian chemical weapons aboard an American vessel are "pragmatic and quite feasible". Such an appraisal was given on here on Wednesday by Vassily Titushkin, RF Deputy Permanent Representative at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).
"This technology, as American colleagues tell us, is a well tried and tested one and involves no particular complexities," he remarked. "We have grounds to be confident  thst the Americans have calculated all risks and are prepared to ensure safety at the highest level because they are aware of the measure of responsibility for the outcome of the operation to eliminate Syrian chemcal weapons".
In response to a quesion asked by an Itar-Tass correspondent as to why Russia  is not viewed as a country which can eliminate chemical weapns from Syria in its territory, Titushkin explained that "the RF legislation straightforwardly and without any exceptions prohibits the importation and exportation of combat chemical agents". "However, Russia intends to render material, technical and financial assistance in the elimination of Syrian
chemical weapons, in their removal, in particular," the diplomat specified.
On Wednesday, the OPCW made a decision, according to which the elimination of Syrian chemical weapons outside Syria will be carried out aboard an American vessel. The operation is to be completed by March 31, 2014.
TASS from the Hague
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