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Publish Date: 10:34 - 18 December 2013
Tehran, YJC. Foreign Minister says the US has to do something about unrealistic people in its government because they are likely to damage the nuclear negotiations.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif who was giving a report on his office’s first 100 days on the state TV said "Removing the lies and the terror which were spread against Iran by the Zionist regime as well as the initial agreement made in Geneva in the form of a mutual cooperation accord are the biggest achievements we made in the first 100 days.”

Asked why there are different interpretations of the Geneva agreement, especially by the US, he said "In politics, and especially in the US, it is domestic concerns that form policies.”

"There is this American saying that goes all policies are domestic policies,” Zarif said, adding "Americans are rather worried how to respond to domestic pressure, which does not mean by the way that there is such concern by the American people.”

Pointing to Obama’s recent statements in Saban Center he said "What the world realized was that it was for the first time that in answer to a Zionist’s question why he lets Iran continue the enrichment, Obama said if he had the option, he would have liked it that not a single bolt would remain of the Iranian nuclear program; but the Iranian nuclear program has turned into a reality.”

The Foreign Minister maintained that the US government has accepted the fact for few countries, including Indida. "Americans have admitted that Iran’s nuclear program is a reality,” he asserted.

Zarif added "It is true that Americans have accepted the fact, but in discourse they still think that they can pursue their policies through sanctions and pressure. Inside the US still there are people like the US Secretary of Treasury in whom you can’t see even traces of realism. The US government must do something about these cases, else the negotiations which are to lessen Iranians’ distrust will be ruined by this man and some others in the US government.”

"What we must pay attention to is the gray spectrum which was created not by US will, but due to the attendance of the Iranian people at the elections. They cannot intimidate the people of Iran,” he asserted.

Addressing the US new list of entities under nuclear sanctions he said "If we look realistically these is no violation of the agreement, because the people newly added to the list, it is true that in their generality sanctions are illegal and ineffective, but these are sanctions that come from the past and only new people are added there.”

Pointing to the Syrian crisis, Zarif stated "The Zionist lobby tried hard to drag the US into war but people and the Congress said ‘no’. Mr. Obama also adopted another approach which was not much in favor of war. The people of America are grown tired of the Zionist lobby, which is why the lobby beats the drum for war.”

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