US can not stop Iran's oil export

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Publish Date: 14:09 - 14 October 2018
TEHRAN, October 14 - By no means US can bring Iran's oil to zero, Iranian Vice President said.

US can not stop Iran's oil export

TEHRAN, Young Journalists Club (YJC) - Today, in a ceremony on the occasion of International Day of Standards, Eshagh Jahangiri said: "Our goal is to combat this imposed economic war and increase the country's sources of income, the main source of which is oil."

"Some countries have suported the issue and have brought their [oil] imports to zero before 13th of October, nevertheless we have found new client countries in the world and we have also negotiated with our traditional partners and come up with new solutions for oil exports", the vice president said pointing to US's claim of bringing Iran's oil export to zero.

The US, he noted, imagines that Saudi Arabia could make up for Iran's oil, but the reality is that Iran's oil has already, reached up 80 percent such that it could have its former amount of income with half of the previous amount of oil export.

Referring to the cooperation of private sector and domestic merchants, Jahangiri pointed out to non-oil exports: "The private sector should provide the country's economy with its own export income resources obtained from it. We expect more of private and public sector exporters' money injected to economic circle".

Jahangiri stressed that the cooperation can return resolution to Iran's economy and confront the psychological pressure against Iran.

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