Geneva II leading nowhere without Iran: lawmaker

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Publish Date: 14:52 - 21 December 2013
Tehran, YJC. Lawmaker says although Iran does not insist on attending the Geneva II talks on Syria, the talks will fail without the country.

Mansour Haqiqatpour in interview with ICANA pointing to Iran’s not being invited to the Geneva II talks on Syria said "The outcome of the Geneva II conference to end the Syrian crisis is estimable right now. There will be no success in them.”

The lawmaker added "The Islamic Republic of Iran does not insist to be present in the conference but for it to do so will be surely contributory to the solution to the Syrian crisis.”

He further said "It is to regret that arrogant countries attend all sorts of meetings and conferences while they do not offer a real, logical way out of the Syrian crisis. Therefore, it would be better if the Islamic Republic of Iran did not have a role in their faulty decisions.”

He asserted that Iran stands by its principle that Syria’s future must be determined through elections.

Haqiqatpour said in answer to the question why the US is opposed to Iran’s attendance at the conference "The Islamic Republic of Iran plays a key role in regional developments and that is something US officials know well. So if Iran is there in the meeting, the US would not be able to attain its objectives.”

He further said "Unfortunately the Geneva II summit can by no means help end the Syrian crisis, because Western countries are not capable to discern the realities. The West’s entire subversive attempts and extremism have met failure in Syria and it is not clear what the US and its allies are looking for in the country.”

Haqiqatpour added that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are the sides that provide financial support for terrorism in Syria.

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