Urmia representative says willing to be 1st member of Iran-US friendship group

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Publish Date: 14:58 - 21 December 2013
Tehran, YJC. Fattahi has said that he will be glad to be the first member of the Iran-US parliamentary friendship group.

Speaking with Uromnews, lawmaker Abed Fattahi said "If we make sure that Americans come along well, I am the first lawmaker willing to be in this friendship group.”

He added "We would like our relations to give fruit within the tenets of the state, which will be good results, inshallah.”

Fattahi further said "Iran is a historically and spiritually rich and valuable country. All the world would like to have relations with the country. It is to regret that the recent move by the US disrupted the progress toward peace.”

The lawmaker stated "If they come forth clean and honest for negotiations, keeping in mind the green light the Congress gave for launching the friendship group, I am personally willing to be a member of the parliamentary friendship group.”

He maintained "If there is a problem it must come from US excess. They have realized that Iran is like a concrete wall which they cannot breach. They have to halt and act according to the Iranian rule.”

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