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Publish Date: 17:49 - 24 December 2013
Tehran, YJC. Salehi has said his organization is going to build a specialized hospital for nuclear emergencies.
Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization Ali Akbar Salehi stated that his organization is planning to build a specialized hospital for nuclear emergencies.

"The hospital includes the entire medical sections and will be used in times of nuclear emergency. It will cost $3,000,000 billion which will be invested jointly by the Atomic Energy Organization and Pasargad Bank,” he said, according to Mehr News Agency.

Salehi who was visiting the Shohada-ye Tajrish hospital and meeting the Dean of the Medical School of Beheshti University said "Keeping in mind the upheaval that has come about in the government in terms of international relations, we hope that some to the restrictions which have created the tough opportunities will be removed.”

Asserting that the problems of the health section have been mentioned in written form, he maintained "We hope that this one problem will be solved in the few months ahead, although the other side cannot be trusted. Any moment something might happen, so we must roll up our sleeves and do something about our problems.”

"We are no more in 30 years ago. I have seen the country’s scientific development which is in no ways comparable to 34 years ago. We can do whatever we desire now,” Salehi added.

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10:19 - 1392/11/09
While personally not a big El Baradei fan for a varitey of reasons, we must remember the context of this quote. El Baradei comes at this from the point of view of wanting to enforce and expand the Non-Proliferation Treaty and all the mechanisms used to make it work. Israel is viewed by some countries as a constant and direct affront to that treaty and to all efforts to keep other countries from going nuclear. You must remember that whoever the IAEA chief is has to work to make sure that countries as diverse as Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, et al continue to adhere to safeguards and control over nuclear material and not chase a bomb.If it means drawing attention to the fact that Israel is a nuclear weapons state, well, the IAEA is probably willing to suffer some bad press from Israeli supporters if it means keeping up credibility in the rest of the world. Other countries don't have the enlightened view of Israel that the U.S. and others do. They just see a country that has not signed the NPT and is treated differently on the subject of nuclear weapons than any other non-weapons state on earth (rightly or wrongly we all know why Israel got the bomb, but many people in other countries just don't get it). These unenlightened nations see Israel as the beneficiary of a double-standard enforced by the U.S. hegemon, instead of the right-thinking view that Israel is a special case and others (i.e. Pakistan, India until recently, etc.) must be treated differently. As for the all-to-real and ugly state-sponsored terrorism of Iran, for some reason other states don't understand that Israeli hit teams and car bomb teams are not state-sponsored terrorists, but defensive units. Until they gain that enlightenment, the IAEA is forced to walk this line to keep whatever credibility it can muster and allow access to the inspector teams that are needed to damp down the spread of nuclear weapons.Just a thought
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