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Publish Date: 16:07 - 25 December 2013
Tehran, YJC. Makarem Shirazi has said that no matter how synchronized Iran and the West can get on the country’s nuclear program, they won’t be able to do so on human rights.

Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi met Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Javad Arasta on Wednesday morning in a session where the latter was awarded by the Islamic Human Rights Committee.

The ayatollah said "We are so happy that the Human Rights Committee is still operating and expanding. The important thing is that the notion of human rights has become a tool in the hand of the world arrogance and the oppressors.”

He added "This has turned into an alibi for them to pursue their programs. It has become a tool to adjudge their opposers. There is just no end to it and they can still use it on different grounds.”

"We must be careful how we negotiate them. They are likely to enter the talks with their alleged human rights once the nuclear issue is solved. We may be able to come to terms with them on the nuclear program, but we won’t be able to do so in such issues.”

"They try to impose their own interpretation of human rights. If there is freedom of speech, then we are free to talk our talk and we may not be forced into anything. The question is why it is that while they can impose their definition on us, why should we not be able to do the same?” Makarem said.

"They disagree with our beliefs right from the bottom,” the ayatollah asserted, adding "If something is going to be done in Islamic human rights it may not be solely defensive, there must be offensive as well. We must try to disseminate it. If we manage to act offensively while we defend, we will be able to see the results in today’s societies.”

He further added "Some countries believe that they must feed only on the Western culture. We must bring these countries to follow us in human rights. We must help these countries. If we have them by our side, we can do better than when we are alone.”

Makarem Shirazi maintained that the Islamic human rights must keep independent of governments.

Mohammad Javad Arasta, faculty member and the winner of the Islamic Human Rights award, at the beginning of the meeting said "As dear Islam is able to provide answers in all the aspects of human right, I decided to enter the field of human rights.”

At the end of the meeting Ayatollah Makarem presented Arasta with the Islamic Human Rights Committee award.

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