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Publish Date: 12:15 - 28 December 2013
Tehran, YJC. Hosseini Bushehri says Iran will take its uranium enrichment to 60 percent if the Western sides show disrespect for the Geneva agreement.

Speaking at the Friday prayers in Qom, ayatollah Seyyed Hashemi Hosseini Bushehri pointed to Iran’s nuclear deal and said "The expert talks of the past few days ended without any special outcome to be relegated to the new Christian year. Investigations show that the US has committed some violation.”

Stating that US officials say that Iran must first enact its obligations stated in the Geneva agreement, he said "Our nation will not give in to threats and illogicality. I must also warn our statesmen to be smart and not trust the enemy.”

"The negotiating officials must know that the nation and the leadership support them. The nuclear negotiating officials must not act in a way to make the enemy feel they’re weak,” Bushehri added.

Expressing gratitude to Iran’s legislative body for its 60-percent enrichment plan, he said "Garbage in, garbage out. The US congress has threatened the Iranian nation with new sanctions only for the Majlis representatives to prepare a draft that if the enemy tries to throw a spanner in the works, we will continue the enrichment to 60 percent.”

The ayatollah further said "We need 60-percent enrichment for the propelling power of marine and submarine crafts. If the enemy puts a foot wrong we will stand before them in full force and we will not cringe. We will give them a hell of a response.”

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19:32 - 1392/11/08
If it all were as simple as zero enirchment. The real issue boils down to who has supreme authority over Iran Tehran or Washington? Until Tehran surrenders its sovereignty or Washington gives up its illusions of ruling the world, I see no solution to tensions with Tehran.
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