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Publish Date: 9:05 - 04 January 2014
Tehran, YJC. Khatami has said enemies are unscrupulous enough to consider annihilating the Islamic world.

Friday preacher Ahmad Khatami stated that the Geneva II conference on Syria is a failure without Iran and added "The source of all this is the US and the conveyor of its schemes, Saudi Arabia.”

He added "The US and its allies will be considering setting the Islamic world on fire in order to gain their inhumane gains, but with God’s bless they won’t be able to.”

The ayatollah further said "They did not invite Iran to the Geneva II conference under US pressure. As far as Syria is concerned, thank God Iran has no need to attend the conference; but you have to know that without Iran attending it, the Geneva II conference is a guaranteed failure and will get nowhere.”

"Accept it or not, Iran is a world power and a great power in the Islamic world. Wherever it attends, there is logic, reasoning, and compassion. That is why the arrogance world does not like it,” Khatami added.

Pointing to the presence of Takfiri groups in neighbor countries he maintained "The murdering Takfiri commit crimes day after day in Syria. So much so that one Takfiri has said that he has killed 350 so far.”

"In Iraq, they carry out terrorist operations. We say more power to you to the Iraqi government and we tell the Iraqi government to crush the terrorists so that peace may come to Iraq,” the ayatollah exclaimed.

"The source of all acts of terror is the US,” he asserted, "The US wants a tense Islamic world. The agent which carries out US schemes is Saudi Arabia. They said outright they themselves had a hand in the crimes in Lebanon. They have a hand in the crimes in Iraq.”

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