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Publish Date: 14:58 - 05 January 2014
Tehran, YJC.Head of Expediency Council says if there is goodwill on the Western side, negotiations with Iran will not take long.
Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani who was speaking in an economic conference pointed to Iran’s nuclear talks with the Six Powers as successful and said "If there is goodwill on the Western side and if they try to deal with the problem in a compassionate and friendly way, there will be no need for tedious work.”

Reminding of the Supreme Leader’s fatwa forbidding the use of nuclear weapons and the IAEA’s constant inspections and easy access to Iran’s nuclear facilities he added "If the Western side are intending extortion, they know well that we will defend our rights well. We managed even under sanctions to gain the peaceful nuclear technology in full. So there is nothing that we would hide. Everything’s out there. If the Western countries are well-intending they must not complicate and prolong the matter.”

The head of the Expediency Discernment Council pointing to the problems in the way to realize the Supreme Leader’s economic mottos said "The things that the sanctions create for our country are highly important. Putting propagandist talk aside, resolving the problem about the sanctions is a necessary step for materializing the economic breakthrough. The 11th administration, though, managed to take this step right. The step taken by the government is no small one, since it faces the world’s superpowers and the sanctions have been instated by the UN Security Council.”

"Dealing with the P5+1 must be done by done by a government and a diplomatic group whose performance His Majesty endorsed by saying that they are the revolution’s kids and they must be supported. This is a very complicated, multifaceted equation. The negotiators must feel secure for from our supports. The revolution and the people’s needs and the economic breakthrough have to be met in this way, which would be a great job,” the ayatollah stated.

He further maintained that American officials "found out that putting Iran under sanctions would not benefit them or the region or global security. So they entered the scene with such reckonings. The government here tried to preserve the country’s interests, even the smallest ones during the negotiations.”

Asserting that however tough, the negotiations can have a short course Hashemi said "The precondition for that would be national integrity so that we could gain our objectives on the way. Iran is regarded as an important country. If the world does not hinder Iran’s struggle, the country can be a trustful hub for the region, and that is something we are able to be.”

He further said "If the world intends to isolate Iran, the region will not say a secure day. The Islamic Republic of Iran has the key role there. A small group of select Iranian diplomats are taken important steps there and I guarantee you that that according to previous experiences we’ve had, because the elite have taken the first step very well we are going to succeed.”

"The government will try to ease the atmosphere so that the 6 months ahead will pass easily. If the West is well-intending it will resolve the issues of the human society in a friendly fashion,” the ayatollah asserted.

He maintained "If the talks reach somewhere fast our access to resources will increase and then bigger steps will be taken and big projects needed by the country will start. Our projects are at the 80 percent and no money is left so that the next year the same budget will be written and the projects will start operation.”

Rafsanjani added "We have to make extra effort there. We expect building trust and clarification. The Western countries must keep their word. When a country is willing for its projects to be approved of by others there remains nothing else to be said to criticize its rights. Our problems relate mostly to the West. If they are fair we will reach our objective and the preconditions for the economic breakthrough will practically start operation. I hope that this conference will be beneficial to the country and trust-building for people.”

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