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News ID: 3242
Publish Date: 12:19 - 18 January 2014
Tehran, YJC.-- Seddiqi has expressed thankfulness to Zarif for paying respect to Imad Mughniyah.
Tehran Friday preacher Seddiqi speaking to prayers on Friday noon said "Our Foreign Minister's visit to the tomb of the brave Lebanese resistance commander Imad Mughniyah was a very good deed."

Seddiqi stated "Some US officials took on him. I dare say that the Lebanese resistance and Hezbollah are not only an honor to us and to the Islamic world, but for their blow in the face of bullies, they are an honor to all humanity."

Maintaining that Hezbollah has been the first entity to invalidate the invincibility of Israel he said "They proved the miracle of the resistance to the world in the 33-day war. So we are proud of them and we consider them as the best barricade for world peace."

Further pointing to the death of the former Israeli FM Ariel Sharon, he said "A man who committed so much crime in Sabra and Shatila and killed the people of Palestine and who assasinated Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was one of the most extraordinary usurpers of the world. But European and American leaders took grief in his death . These are real pains for the Islamic world. But the time has come. The European and American nations have woken up. But let them wake more and see whom these leaders are supporting."

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