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Publish Date: 0:52 - 19 January 2014
chief of staff of the President of Iran slammed extremist movements saying that these groups have misused ignorance of the people to cover up their violence under the name of religion.
Mohammad Nahavandian, Head of Iran's Presidential Bureau on the sideline of 27th International Islamic Unity Conference had an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) and noted that extremist are beating the drums of violence more than before and have made it to misuse emotions and ignorance of the people to cover up their violence under religious rhetoric.

He said," All those who are interested in peace and development of human rights have to confront this new fraud."

He added," Takfiri (Excommunicating) moves are in fact a big treachery against the true message of Islam and due to the same reason unity and solidarity among members of the Islamic nation and also returning peace and stabilization to the region must be set as the top priority for all elites, scholars and religious moves.

Iranian official stressed," Enemies of Islam highlight dispersion and violence in the global arena and misrepresent Islam and Muslims which leads to spread of Islamophobia."

He praised the proposal by Iranian President Rouhani in the UN general assembly for a world against violence and extremism and said," This is a proof that Iran is against violence and this is an opportunity for the pacifist movements to spread peace and stability in the region."

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