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Publish Date: 12:02 - 20 January 2014
Tehran, YJC. Iranian president says Discords must be wiped out in favor of a unified Islamic nation.

Speaking at a public meeting with the Supreme Leader, President Hassan Rouhani said "Today we must attend to the sources of disagreement in the Islamic world. We must eradicate them and fight discrimination, underdevelopment, and poverty. We must join hands so that we can build the unified Islamic nation anew and revive the lofty Islamic civilization.”

Providing comments on the mission of Prophet Muhammad, Rouhani said "He gave humanity a civilized society, a great civilization, and a lofty culture. Why are we, the Muslims, driven away from that way?”

"Let not the dream of the enemies of Islam for the underdevelopment of the Islamic world, and their continued, more comprehensive rein on the Islamic world come true. It is us who must stand up today to help the prophet and the religion of God,” Rouhani demanded.

He further stated "We must pay attention to the roots of disagreement and we must take them out. Discrimination, religious intolerance, poverty, cultural poverty, material poverty, spiritual poverty, economic poverty, social capital poverty; we must fight discrimination, underdevelopment, and poverty. We must join hands to be able to rebuild the integrated Islamic nation and once more revive the high Islamic civilization. To do so, we must refer to the prophet’s miracle. We must turn back to wisdom and insight. We must also turn back to hope, because our prophet was the messenger of wisdom, insight, and hope, and the messenger of moderation.”

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