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Publish Date: 15:47 - 20 January 2014
Tehran, YJC. Shariatmadari says Iran’s nuclear deal with the West is not as lucrative as the Rouhani administration claims.

Keyhan Managing Editor Hossein Shariatmadari in a note has criticized the Rouhani administration propaganda on Iran’s achievements over its nuclear deal with the Six Powers.

Pointing to Rouhani's statement that the nuclear deal implicates that world powers have succumbed to the Iranian nation and the US Secretary of Press Jay Carney’s reaction to the statement, Shariatmadari says "US officials assert that no right to enrichment has been recognized for Iran in the nuclear agreement. They mean industrial enrichment, which is our main demand, not enrichment done at the research scale. On the other hand Foreign Minister Zarif says that US officials’ words lack truth and are only for domestic consumption.”

He adds "In the wake of Iran’s recent agreement with the P5+1 on the interpretation of the practical aspects and details of the Geneva agreement _the joint plan of action, also known as JPA_ the Iranian negotiator Dr. Araqchi considered the agreement improper for publication and said ‘Publishing the document is tantamount to officializing it.’ He does not explain why the Geneva agreement has to be closely enacted based on this document if it is ‘unofficial’. But, contrary to Mr. Araqchi who considered the text of the new agreement ‘unpublishable’, even seeing it to the detriment of both negotiating sides, not only did it hand over the full text to the Congress, the White House published and gave to news agencies a 4-page summary which included the major points agreed upon by Iran and the P5+1.”

Shariatmadari who regularly writes in opposition to the Rouhani administration further adds "Why does the other side immediately publish the aforementioned texts if they are not publishable? As the rival pledges during the course of the negotiations that the text of the negotiations, or their content and details remain confidential, but does not keep his word by revealing and publishing them, why do we, seeing the first sign of the rival’s violation and abjuration, go on again and for the nth time to accept their commitments and finally adopt the passive position?”

He goes on to say "In the age of communication and its well known culture and rules, one who anticipates in stating one’s point of view has more cards up his sleeve and so throws the opposite side into passivity. It is a regret to be forced despite all due respect to say to our negotiating team that on the aforementioned occasions they were hoodwinked by the rival and left the public opinion for the enemy to blackmail and ride along.”

The journalist finally states "In analyzing the Geneva agreement, our officials talk less of what is given and point rather to what is taken, so much so that in a statement which, my apologies, seem overblown, the President said ‘The Geneva agreement means the world’s great powers surrender to the Iranian nation.’ But going back to the text of the agreement, not only is what we have given not comparable to what we have taken, it is much less, less even than enough to refer to as a win-win situation.”

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