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Publish Date: 10:18 - 26 January 2014
Tehran, YJC. Jafari says US policy makers know their military option to be good only on the table.

Speaking in reaction to recent statements by US Secretary of State John Kerry, Iran’s IRGC commander Mohammad Ali Jafari said "Mr. Kerry! You must know that a pitched battle with the US is the most sincere dream of devout, revolutionary men throughout the world. Your threats are the best opportunity for the revolutionary Islam. Islamic leaders have been preparing us for years for a great, decisive battle. I doubt that your wise men who put America on one side of this decisive battle, would take the ludicrous military option off the table into practical field.”

"Mr. Kerry! We know that you are the country most in debt. All know that your inability in meeting your economic problems lead to a governmental shutdown for some weeks,” Jafari exclaimed.

He added "The sun of your imperialist civilization is approaching the west. Do not so much hasten the downfall of your civilization by repeating your already failed strategies, such as the application of military power.”

The IRGC commander further said "Mr. Kerry! The US and its military powers are utterly minute before our revolutionary, devout people. If you do not have the discretion to make out military situations you may ask your experienced experts if the US really has the power and patience to put up with the devastating consequences of the application of such an option on Iran.”

"I suggest you expend the worth of your word in proportion to your and your adversary’s capabilities and stop making yourself a more prominent laughing stock before the Islamic Iran’s bold, revolutionary society,” he stated.

He added "Do you know how many thousands of revolutionary Muslims who have given their hearts to the Islamic Revolution and who have come to believe in its righteousness are waiting all over the world for you to take this option from the table to the field of practice? If you don’t, think a little or study some; or at least as you wait for your wise judgment do not use this ridiculous, irrational phrase of yours.”

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