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Publish Date: 13:39 - 01 February 2014
Tehran, YJC. Ayatollah says Iran must give proper response to US officials’ lack of respect for the country.

Speaking at the Friday prayers in Tehran, ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said "Dignified political debates are an example of the culture of resistance. Negotiating officials must know that the more fervent the culture is inside the country, the more full-handed they will be in the negotiations.”

"We must answer the US officials with the same force with which they disrespect the pride of the Iranian nation,” he asserted, maintaining that Iran must not resign to the lower hand.

He further said that Iran’s dignity in the past 35 years has come from its "Down with USA” motto.

He added "If there is one thing that would endanger the world, it is the US government and the Zionist regime. Avecina once said ‘I fear the bull because it has the weapon but no reason.’”

Pointing to US officials threatening Iran with military attack Khatami said "Let Obama know that our nation as well has all the options in the same nature as that of the 8-year war on the table. If they try to make any stupid move we will make them regret it.”

He further added "Obama has to know that Hezbollah is no terrorist organization, but one that honorably defends its country. Lebanon is their home.”

"We also know that you Americans die for the terrorist Zionist regime. If that regime finds the power it will target Islam and the Muslims. So we have not had nor will ever have trust in you or your allies,” he exclaimed.

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