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Publish Date: 18:44 - 07 February 2014
The ambassador of IME with the head of commercial and economic section of the embassy paid a visit to IME
According to the report from IME international affairs and PR, Mr. Pedro Villena the Spain ambassador paid a visit to IME with the presence of a group of IME managing director and some of the exchange managers.

"Amid the international barriers for Iran in the way of economic and finical markets in different aspects, the IME progress is remarkable and dynamic.”:Mr.Villena, uttered.
The ambassador of Spain also added that, with removing the international barriers and issues, this exchange can achieve effective cooperation’s and interacts with European countries and specially Spain in the ground of the knowledge exchange, listings and offerings by the use of the potentials of both sides.
Dr. Hossein Panahian the managing director of Iran Mercantile Exchange, by reminding the fundamental policies of Iran Capital Market considered that being national and possessing the exchange by the majority of people of the country, is one of the main reason of the development and advancement of the IME.
Moreover, Mr. Miguel Angel Iriso Iribarren, the Commercial and Economic Counsellor considered the potentials of Iran Capital Market specially the commodity market so high that Spanish traders, producers should have a stronger presence in this market to benefit from this potentials and on the other hand, wanted the facilitation of the investment grounds by IME and other main sections of the Iran Capital Market body.
Finally in the visit from IME main trading floor and the explanation on the spot trading, trading symbols and board were presented by IME experts.
The report ads, based on the strategic policy of the IME in order to prepare the ground for International cooperation’s and presence of IME, the exchange from the beginning of Iranian year (1392) was the host of ambassador of the countries like, Swiss, Japan, Hungary and Indonesia.
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