Soleimani: Saudi Arabia has more arms than population

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Publish Date: 11:24 - 17 February 2014
Tehran, YJC. Senior IRGC commander says Syria is the international front line.

Major General Qasem Soleimani who was speaking in Kerman said "Take a look at Saudi Arabia. The volume of weapons they annually buy from the US and elsewhere is larger than the number of the people living in the country.”

Pointing to the role of the Shiite clergy in confrontations with the West he said "It was the clergy which managed to get Iraq out of America’s jaws and to put it in order. Who would have done that if there were no clergy?”
He added "Do not think that we are spending money for Iraq. Right now we are having trade with Iraq worth $12 billion, which can be raised to $30 billion.”

Pointing out that in the past year about 1.2 million Iraqi pilgrims visited Iran, Soleimani said "Each one of these pilgrims spent 3 to 5 thousand dollars.”

"Today Iran enjoys some real power. We can mention Iran’s dignified presence in the east of the Mediterranean. This is Iran’s logic. Nowhere has Iran acted on the principles adopted by its enemies. It has not expanded with force, war, or even with money,” he asserted.

He pointed to the Syrian crisis and said "Right now that Syria is the main axis for confrontation, there is the whole world on one side and Iran on the other. Some would like to throw in intelligent remarks, saying what will happen if this guy [Assad] goes and another comes. They say take him as dead. They say so because they don’t know the truth.”

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