Majlis says FM rejected N Korean missile crew visit

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Publish Date: 15:34 - 17 February 2014
Tehran, YJC. Lawmaker says the legislative body confirms the news that Iran’s FM has not welcomed a missile crew from N Korea.

Javad Karimi Qodusi, member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Majlis, said "The Foreign Ministry has accepted the request made by the US Ambassador to the UN headquarters to prevent a trip by a team of missile experts from North Korea.”

He added "The US Ambassador has said that since North Korea is under sanctions Iran cannot have relations with it.”

Expressing unfavorable regards for the action taken by the Foreign Ministry, Qodusi said "We pursued the issue via the Board of Directors of the Majlis. Once again Mr. Hosseinian and I asked Mr. Qashqavi, the Parliamentary Deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Right away he contacted the Deputy Foreign Minister in Asian Affairs and turned on the loudspeaker, questioning about the news, which the Asia Deputy confirmed.”

He further pointed out "This is only part of what the US demands. As US officials have said, their demands do not concern only Iran’s nuclear program. If we do not stand up to them, they will say they want us to abandon our advancements in missile technology that we do to protect our country and support the resistance movement.”

He believed that the Foreign Ministry and the President are implementing a policy to make détente with the US.

He said "Mr. Rouhani had to have shown religious, revolutionary honor, not just resign to advising Americans to change their eyeglasses.”

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