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Publish Date: 13:59 - 17 February 2014
Tehran, YJC. Supreme Leader says Foreign Ministry will continue talks with the West while personally he is not optimistic about the negotiations.

The Supreme Leader who is in Tabriz said to the large crowd of visitors on Monday morning "There are those who must stop trying to make up the countenance of the US to cover its obscenity, its terror, and its violence. There is the massacre of innocent people, support for dictators, and support for governmental terrorism by the Zionist regime on the US government’s record. It was utterly vulgar of the US President to endorse the 09 seditionists. Something he has started to do again recently.”

He stated "Some officials from the previous administration as well as the incumbent believe that if we talk the nuclear case with the US things will be set right. I stressed the first day of the year in Mashhad that I do not object it, but I do not think this will lead anywhere. See for yourselves that it has taken us nowhere. Hear cheap statements by US officials.”

The sorry US Senator receives money from the Zionist in order to blatantly abuse Iranians. US officials from all ranks do the same. But they took the blow from the Iranian nation on February 11. US officials’ scurrility brought the people with their religious fervor more sincerely to the scene on February 11.”

"The nuclear case is only a pretext with Americans. US spokespeople now talk about human rights and missiles. With all the disgrace is the US not ashamed to talk about human rights?” demanded Ayatollah Khamenei.

He added "What the Foreign Ministry and our statesmen started will go on. Iran will not breach a vow. But I still insist that there is no use and that it will lead nowhere. The US is at odds with the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic in nature.”

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