Pakistani lawmaker says friendship with US hurt his country

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Publish Date: 15:08 - 18 February 2014
Tehran, YJC. Parliamentarian says the US has never helped Pakistan unless it has helped itself to more from the country.

Pakistani lawmaker Davar Khan Quli said "It’s a fact that friendship with the US has hurt all. If the US ever helped Pakistan it was so that it cost Pakistan multiple times.”

Maintaining that his country is experiencing changes in its relations with regional countries he said "In the past Pakistan would hold close ties with the US. I hope that the outlooks change.”

Khan Quli added that Pakistan will not be able to fight terrorism single-handedly and that it needs Iran’s cooperation.

In answer to a question regarding the Pakistani parliament’s approach to the Iran-Pakistan security accord to fight terrorist on Pakistani land he said "Cooperation with neighbor countries, Iran especial among them, is needed to fight terrorists.”

The Iranian parliament Majlis has said that with the security agreement, Iranian forces will be allowed to enter Pakistan in order to fight terrorists.

On February 9 terrorist group Jaish ul Adl claimed responsible for kidnapping 5 Iranian border guards.

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